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Notes and Updates to The Tanning Spirit

Hide Tanning DVD: Stone Age Living Skills Video Classics Series.

      The braintanning method demonstrated in The Tanning Spirit is called wet-scrape braintanning. It developed slowly over many years of attempting to find the best and most efficient procedure for making the finest grade brain tanned buckskin. It was only after that length of time that I really felt I had developed a method that I wanted to share with others. That desire led to making a video on Brain Tanning called The Tanning Spirit in 1990. It is still one of the best fundamental wet-scrape tanning videos available.

      What follows is basically a transcript of the video, with updates and new insights that have come about since 1990. The following pages provide additional tips, techniques, and trouble-shooting resources to compliment material covered on the video. -- Melvin Beattie

Tanning Spirit Notes and Updates

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